The OrthoMab platform


How it works

The OrthoMab platform consists of mutations to the Fab and Fc regions of the antibody scaffold that allow for correct chain pairing of multiple heavy- and light-chains upon simple co-expression. OrthoMab allows for production of full IgG scaffolds that remain highly native-like. Unlike many bispecific technologies, OrthoMab bispecifics can be used with any two parental monoclonal antibodies.


Superior Properties

OrthoMab bispecific antibodies remain >99% identical to natural human antibodies, allowing retention of the immunological and pharmacokinetic properties that make antibodies safe and effective drugs. When compared to alternative bispecific platforms, OrthoMab products demonstrate improved thermal stability and in vivo half-life. OrthoMab bispecifics are made using industry-standard antibody production and purification methods, and express at similar yields to the parental sequences.


Bispecific formats for any task

The redesigned antibody interfaces that create the OrthoMab platform allow a wide variety of antibody formats that span a range of molecular size, antigen binding valency, and relative binding orientations. Each format can be generated from any two parental monoclonal sequences, affording tailored bispecific solutions for any task.




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