Connecting people and companies to develop the next generation of bispecific antibody therapies.

Dualogics is actively seeking strategic partners, to accelerate the development of its internal pipeline, and to create new bispecific antibodies from monoclonal antibodies of interest to the partner. Dualogics aims to establish partnerships that leverage the unique capabilities each party brings to the table.

How We Collaborate

Dualogics engages in a variety of collaboration structures.  These include licensing the OrthoMab technology to enable independent commercialization of OrthoMab products and co-development arrangements which empower partners to optimize candidates jointly with Dualogics.


Are there any targets that are off-limits/already have been exclusively licensed?

No, Dualogics can operate internally or collaboratively in any therapeutic area. We work non-exclusively in regards to target, so there is no target that is off-limits.


Who else is using this technology to develop bispecific antibodies?

The OrthoMab platform was co-developed with Eli Lilly, who are also using this technology to develop innovative therapies.


Why would I choose the OrthoMab platform over any of the other ways to make a bispecific antibody?

While it is true that there are many ways to make a bispecific antibody, not all methods are equal. We set out to make a simple way to generate bispecific antibodies from existing antibody sequences. We don’t require the use of a common light chain, use scFvs, or multiple cell lines. OrthoMab antibodies are highly similar to naturally occurring human antibodies, which means they retain the stability and manufacturability of a standard therapeutic IgG.

One of our key strengths is the flexibility to meet the needs of a changing field. Please reach out if you have any questions on our process or how to start an OrthoMab collaboration.

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