About Dualogics

Dualogics is a biotechnology company housed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dualogics uses a proprietary bispecific antibody technology to create bispecific antibody products with superior properties compared to alternative methods. Our goal is to collaborate with academic and industrial partners to develop and test a suite of multifunctional therapies and reagents.



Advantages of OrthoMab


Bispecific antibodies generated using the OrthoMab platform retain near equivalent binding to both target antigens. OrthoMab mutations reside in the light-chain of the antibody scaffold and therefore have universal compatibility with natural Fc isotypes.


Unlike many bispecific platforms, OrthoMab bispecifics can be generated from nearly any two parental monoclonal antibodies. Additionally, the OrthoMab mutations allow for a wide variety of molecular formats to be tested, spanning a range of antigen binding valencies and molecular sizes.


High-yield industrial scale production is essential for antibody based products. OrthoMab products are produced by simple co-expression of multiple heavy- and light-chains, which assemble into a homogenous population of the desired products. This production strategy allows drop-in compatibility with standard methods for production and purification.


The removal of stabilizing interfaces, and addition of flexible linkers present in many traditional bispecific antibody platforms frequently leads to low stability and heterogenous expression. OrthoMab bispecifics remain highly native-like, affording increased stability and homogeneity.