Bispecific antibody therapeutics


At Dualogics, our vision is to use the latest advancements in protein engineering to create a new class of protein based therapies. Our highly collaborative approach coupled with the OrthoMab bispecific technology has resulted in an innovative and differentiated therapeutic pipleline poised to change the treatment landscape for patients suffering from autoimmune diseases and cancers


OrthoMab can generate bispecific antibodies from any two antibody sequences.


OrthoMab antibodies are produced with standard antibody production and purification techniques, obviating the need for poorly behaved antibody fragments (i.e. scFv) or complicated post-processing purification steps. Dualogics offers a suite of bispecific antibody formats that vary critical molecular properties, providing lead agents tailored to specific target biology and mechanisms of action.


Bi-Specific Antibodies
with novel immunogenic properties


Dualogics’ OrthoMab platform requires only a small number of carefully selected mutations, generating bispecific antibodies that are >99% identical to natural human antibodies.

Learn more about our product pipeline

Learn more about our product pipeline

differentiated Therapeutics

Dualogics is actively building a therapeutic pipeline of tolerance-inducing therapies for autoimmune diseases, and immune activating antibodies for oncology applications. Using the OrthoMab platform, we have initiated two programs in immuno-oncology and advanced our autoimmune program through discovery to lead optimization. DLA001 is a bispecific antibody for the treatment of Type I Diabetes and other T cell mediated autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, graft versus host disease and inflammatory bowel disease. Dualogics will continue to advance these candidates with the support of strategic partners and investors.

Learn more about partnering with us

Learn more about partnering with us

building Collaborations

We believe that building and maintaining strong collaborations will result in better ideas and better therapies. Since our inception we have worked with companies of all sizes, through a wide variety of partnering and licensing structures. If you have an idea for how we might work together, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Learn more about how to use OrthoMab

Learn more about how to use OrthoMab

Better Bispecifics

The OrthoMab platform avoids the use of antibody fragments (scFvs), restrictive linkers, common light chains, or laborious post-purification processing. Bispecific antibodies generated by these first generation technologies have faced significant challenges throughout development, ultimately costing time and effort as well as limiting their use in the clinic. The OrthoMab platform resolves these issues through precise engineering of the antibody structure, resulting in bispecific antibodies that retain the stability and developability of traditional antibody therapies. Dualogics' offers a wide variety of antibody formats that can be tailored to maximize therapeutic effect.


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If you have experience in protein engineering, antibody production or biologics development and are interested in joining Dualogics at its Chapel Hill Laboratories please submit a CV to begin the process. 


If you are interested in collaborating, licensing, or investing, send us a note and we will get back to you.

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